Just some of the processes we offer:

- Stove Enamelling
- Two pack wet paint
- Powder Coating
- Specialist Finishes
- Nylon Coating
- Acrylic
- Plastic
- Shotblasting

Pre-treatment services:

- Aqueous 3 Stage Degreasing Machine
- Shot Blasting
- Iron Phosphates


Stove Enamelling

We can provide a one-off sample or batch work.

Used extensively before Powder Coating, our skilled and experienced team are able to produce a high quality finish using this method.
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Stoving Paint can be purchased in small quantities, which is suited for prototypes/small batches.

The Ministry of Defence uses this method extensively, especially where intricate masking is required.


Powder Coating

Powder Coating has several advantages over other paint application systems.
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We have a massive range of colours and finishes that include; Leatherettes, Hammer's Antique, Lacquers and Special Primers.

Depending on requirements, work can be blasted and primed prior to powder coating. This system is recommended for architectural projects.

Powder Coating is applied via our large box ovens (4 metres X 2.5 metres X 2.1 metres high).

- Versitile ovens easily cure complex 3-dimenisional shapes.

- Curing times and temperature can be steadily maintained to ensure consistent colour and gloss.


Shot Blasting

We have a large steel container where we can shot blast a range of different sized objects; including small car parts, motorcycles, garden furniture and large gates.
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Wet Paint

We have a facility to coat MDF and metals with acid cat lacquers, two pack paints and quick air drying industrial enamels.
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For larger jobs, up to 7 metres in length, we can apply a wet paint coating and leave to air dry within our clean workshop.

We can offer advice for the best method of coating for your requirements.



Plastic and Acrylic

We have a wide range of products for coating problem-materials. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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